On Saturday July 24, 2010 The Cypress Times re-published an article entitled BREAKING: MULTIPLE RANCHES IN LAREDO, TX TAKEN OVER BY LOS ZETAS. Throughout the day on Saturday conflicting reports began to pop-up on the internet refuting the story.

As of now, I can now report that The Cypress Times has a credible source, personally known to us, that has gone to the area in question and confirmed that nothing is currently occurring with ranches in or near Laredo, Texas. The source cannot speak to what may or may not have occurred over the weekend.

It is never the desire of The Cypress Times to publish erroneous information and I am not convinced that we have done so.  I chose to run the article because I trusted, and still do trust, the writer of the original article and at least one other writer of another article which independent of the first, also published these same events as fact.

It is my personal belief that both of these well-established internet journalists wrote their separate articles with the absolute belief that the sources who informed them of the Los Zetas activity in Laredo, Texas were reliable sources, and the events they described were occurring or had occurred.

We still have no evidence to prove, or disprove whether or not these events took place aside for the original sources within law enforcement in the Laredo area.  The writer of the original article stands by those sources inside of law enforcement.

He explains the following from

When the story was first posted it was not a fully confirmed story as Kimberly Dvorak had only one source within law enforcement. The story remained posted that way for hours as I awaited confirmation. From 4AM until 1PM EST it received little attention as it was not 100% confirmed.

I then received word that Kimberly has a second source within law enforcement and it was 100% confirmed.She posted her story and I updated my story with the fact it was confirmed and spread it around at that point. I sent it out to others at around 1:45 PM On July 24.

At first it was picked up by several other blogs and started to spread quickly, making its rounds of Facebook and Twitter as well. During the spreading the story took on a life of its own. The story was exaggerated to the point where it seemed like thousands of Los Zetas had stormed across the border shooting everyone in their path and taking on law enforcement head-on.

This was simply not the case and not what was reported in the story. Here is what was known and reported in the story of which anyone can read clearly.

the highly trained killers formerly with the Gulf Cartel, have crossed into the United States and taken over at least two ranches in the Laredo, Texas area. I am receiving word that the owners of the ranches have evacuated without being harmed….

Whether it is lone members or squads is not certain.

Anonymous sources in law enforcement in the Laredo area tonight have passed on word that US law enforcement agencies are in the area and are weighing their options regarding the ranches.

There is no claim that there was any gunfire, any wounded, the size of the Zetas at the ranches, nor the size of law enforcement on the scene. That is because at the time it wasn’t known. I reported what was passed on by the sources in law enforcement through Kimberly Dvorak.

There was no comment made that the standoff even was a continuing event at the time the story went wide at 1:45 PM. When it was reported at 4AM there was no knowledge whether it was an event that happened over an hour or whether it was still ongoing. It was said that law enforcement was in the area. I did make speculation that they may be waiting for federal assistance, but that was speculation on my part assuming that it was ongoing. It was not stated as fact. I responded to other claims that afternoon in the article “Why The Los Zetas Ranch Story Matters – Confirmation And Why A Media Blackout?“.

The fact that the scenario is completely plausible is what made the story spread with others. That and my credibility.

Websites who had posted the story started demanding that the sources be produced and “outed” immediately – within hours of the story being spread. In an uncaring fashion as to the sources, their jobs or their livelihoods, they demanded if Kimberly didn’t reveal them, they were going to retract their stories. Prior to the story going wide people had called law enforcement in the area and were receiving mixed messages from the area. Some claimed that they received affirmation of “something going on”, but no specifics. Others claimed that they were told “we cannot confirm”, but they did not receive a denial. After the story went wide some said they were receiving denials and disavowing of knowledge on any of it. Later in the day an FBI source said they don’t reply to rumors, which to many seemed to be a little odd.

When Kimberly did not reveal her sources out of journalistic integrity – within hours – these same websites decided to go the slanderous route of not simply retracting the story, but of declaring it an outright lie and an outright hoax. I personally take offense to those claiming this was either.

For nearly 8 years I have been covering illegal immigration here at this website. I have always made sure to wait before publishing a story and making sure it is confirmed. That is why I waited all night and all day for other sources to confirm before I sent the story out in the first place. There are several things I would like to address that have floated around on this story.

First, anyone who claims that I intended this as some wide-scale hoax to fool the internet or scare people or militias into action, absolutely has no idea of who I am. A hoax is a planned event meant to fool others. There was no such planning in this to fool others, I reported the story. Those who would spread such vile rumors did not look beyond this story to see the past work I have done and their lack of intellectual curiosity and “reporting” of their own is severely flawed and questionable. You can look around on the net to see who those individuals are right now.

Second, anyone who claims that this was an outright lie is also asserting that I intentionally did not tell the truth. It does not take much effort to go read my initial report and to see that I in no way exaggerated the story. I reported what was available from information at the time.

Third, there are those who are claiming this is some sort of setup to take me down. That there was a conspiracy from either the Obama administration or those who are for open borders to plant the story and trick me into publishing a false story so that they could discredit me. I disregard this out of hand. For them to plan this and to know ahead of time that the sources would go to Kim and then myself and be spread so far and wide – and then to know that they would all turn on me within hours – is beyond consideration to anyone who actually stops to think for a minute. No one has that much control.

Fourth, some are claiming this is racist and that I reported this because I hate Hispanics. It has nothing to do with race. I didn’t know what race the ranchers were, the law enforcement, nor the Los Zetas. It was a national security issue.

Fifth, “Come on, just admit it you were lied to. This is all a lie, just come clean. If it wasn’t a lie you were mislead and you should just admit it. ADMIT IT NOW! I’M WARNING YOU!”. The absolute vicious attacks on me – that seem to escalate as time goes on – and the constant badgering for me to come out against a story which is true and backed up by sources, just to apparently go along with the crowd, quite honestly disgusts me.  Read the entire story HERE

Confirming information is not always as cut-and-dried as may be depicted in movies or television and sometimes we have to make judgment calls on what to publish.  Ultimately, I believe we made the right call in publishing the story.  I will make the same call again when the original story content comes from a reliable and trusted source such as

The truth is we may never know the truth of what did or didn’t happen in Laredo, but there are dedicated credible journalists who will keep digging for the truth on this and future stories.  I believe they will do so regardless of threats, attacks, vilification and outright accusations that they are lying.  Let the MSM retreat; we will move forward.