“It is the Responsibility of the Patriot to protect his country from its government” ~Thomas Paine


Ten trillion dollars. That’s the conservative estimate of the amount of money Barack Obama, Albert Gore Jr., and a whole cast of criminals stand to make yearly (gross) off of the greatest scam in human history: “global warming.”

If you have ever sat back, scratching your head and wondering why the Marxists are pushing for a “cap and trade” bill that would not only make energy costs “necessarily skyrocket,” to quote Barack Obama, but do absolutely nothing to effect fictional “climate change, ” one way or the other, you are about to find out.

We have long known this Marxist idea was nothing more than a continuation of the communist desire to “spread the wealth” by forcibly stealing from those who create and earn, and giving to those that don’t. This is an inbred mental defect that can’t be cured, only contained, the most effective way being: not to elect these evil, corrupt people in the first place!

When we first learned of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) we smelled a rat. No one has been more radical than Barack Obama when it comes to pushing the “global warming” hoax, and the “cap and trade” scheme. Being based in Chicago, common sense told us that Obama was somehow involved, and it was as corrupt as the day is long.

It took Glenn Beck to put it all together, and he has done a remarkable job of spelling it all out. In the videos below, Glenn documents Obama’s ties to the multi-trillion dollar carbon trading scam, Goldman Sachs, the Joyce Foundation, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers’ brother, Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong and a whole cast of nerdowells.

Beck does a great job of connecting the dots here, as well as spelling out the scam itself. It’s quite interesting to note that all of the Marxist-democrats were pounding Goldman Sachs in their “show trial” for their handling of derivatives, a “synthetic” financial product, created out of thin air. Never mind it was the Marxist-democrat Party controlled Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac who were involved in the creation of this product, and President Bill Clinton who sanctioned it.

Even Obama’s boss, George Soros, got in on the act writing an essay on his website speaking to the dangers of derivatives.

And yet, this is what carbon trading is, in a way. You are not buying a real product, or producing a benefit. Trading carbon credits can best be described as a “sin tax” with the “sinner” being able to purchase the ability to continuing “sinning,” without stopping the “sinful behavior” in any way whatsoever. You are simply redistributing wealth. In this case, those who actually produce will be forced to purchase the right to continue to produce from those who don’t produce. A real triumph for the glorious communist revolution!

But stealing money from the producers, and giving it to the non-producers is only half the story. These carbon credits will have to be tracked and traded. These credits will be treated as any other commodity, and traded on the open market. This is where the Chicago Climate Exchange comes in. They will be the only exchange for trading these credits and will make hefty commissions buying and selling these credits. (They get paid coming and going)

Energy prices will “necessarily skyrocket” because of two factors. One, because producers will have to purchase these credits, adding to the cost of doing business, a cost that will be passed on to the consumer, and two, these producers will be forced to buy the privilege of continuing to produce, from the Chicago Climate Exchange, which will raise the cost of doing business even more, again this will be passed on to the consumer.

This is where Obama, and the rest of what Beck is calling Crime, Incorporatedcome in. Conservative estimates are Obama, Gore and the other scam artists involved in this deal will gross ten trillion dollars yearly, selling nothing but thin air.

They are lengthy, about 10 minutes each, but watch Glenn as he systematically spells out the entire scam. Pay particular attention to the “shadowy figure” he introduces partway into all of this.