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Those who live in his shadow will again raise grain, and they will blossom like the vine.  His renown will be like the wine of Lebanon.   O Ephraim, what more have I to do with idols?  It is I who answer and look after you  I am like a luxuriant cypress;  From Me comes your fruit.  Whoever is wise, let him understand these things;  Whoever is discerning, let him know them  for the ways of the LORD are right, and the righteous will walk in them, but transgressors will stumble in them.

The Cypress Times:  Christian.  Conservative.  Online.  Daily News.

TheCypressTimes is a 100% interactive daily online multimedia newspaper.

The mission of The Cypress Times is to report and cover the Good News and how it relates to Community, Faith, Family, Business, Politics, News, Schools and more through compelling writing, reporting and multi-platform media.

The Cypress Times content includes:  News:  Local News, National News, and International News, Christian News, and International Christian News.  The Cypress Times covers sports, business, real estate, cooking, and more on a daily basis.

The Cypress Times features a robust Columnists Section offering opinions on a variety of topics ranging from Politics to Faith to Current Events to every day observations.  All columns are solely the opinion of the columnist and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Cypress Times, its Publisher, Editor or staff. Nor does The Cypress Times guarantee the validity or originality of content submitted by our columnists, and the responsibility of such content is solely that of the columnist/writer not The Cypress Times.

New Policy Effective February 13, 2010 –

The Cypress Times is an interactive newspaper as well which allows your comments and input on our articles.  We will publish all commentary on any article in The Cypress Times providing that the commentary does not contain profanity, name-calling, or any URL’s or links to other sites.

In other words, we want to know your opinion, but only if you can express yourself in a civil and respectful manner.

Content & Unigue Features

Our Faith Section features Columns by Pastors, Life Matters, Living Faith, Word of God, Encouragement, Devotional, and both Christian Fiction and Christian Poetry.

Our Family Section is chocked full of information and news and events relevant to Family’s and Children.

The Cypress Times also features a fully-functional 100% Interactive Social Network.  Think of it as a “Facebook” or “MySpace” for The Cypress Times.  You can even use our Social Network to interact with your existing Social Network, or existing networking group.

We encourage each and every one of YOU to join The Cypress Times Social Network either as an individual, or create a User-Group for your non-profit organization, Church, Civic Group, subdivision, HOA, or anything related to your favorite hobby or activity.

It is a great way to connect with fellow readers of The Cypress Times the world over.

The Cypress Times offers customized sections for Churches, Faith-based organizations and not-for-profit organizations at just about what you might pay to have a single press release distributed.  The Cypress Times will build your own customized section, Masthead and allow you 16 active articles which you can add to at any time.  We’ll take your press releases and build the section from there.  Instead of paying for one press release to be distributed to people who may or may not even publish it, purchase your own custom space in The Cypress Times and keep your organization in front of our readers 24/7/365.  You can include links to your website, contact info and donation information and petitions, too.

Email Publisher@TheCypressTimes.com for details.

Businesses take advantage of having your own section in The Cypress Times for less than most publications charge for a single ad.  You’ll have 16 articles in The Cypress Times at all times, you can change or add content at any time and we’ll do all the work in building the section, a custom Masthead and adding the press releases you provide.  Get your business noticed every day in The Cypress Times.  Email Publisher@TheCypressTimes.com for details.

The Cypress Times – Staff, Reporters, Columnists and Columns

John G. Winder,  Publisher

Stacey Winder,  Editor

Chrissy Siggee, Manager – Australian Bureau

Mark Roberts – Medical Reporter

Don Costello – Faith

Terry L. Brown – Faith/Columnist

Sherry Castelluccio – Faith

Lori Laws – Faith

Gail Welborn – Book Reviews

Julie Arduini – Book Reviews/Faith

Jeffrey R. Snell

John Hanson – Politics

Bill Turner – Politics

Charles Lingerfelt – Politics/Iraq

Eddie V. Garcia


Mike Baxter

Terry L. Brown

Bill Turner

Charles Lingerfelt

My Secret Sin

Walking With Christ

Kip Davis

Jeannie St. John Taylor

LaNaye Perkins

Michael Segal

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