SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Since the onset of the New Year it seems we’ve been besieged by reports of mass animal deaths from around the globe, the latest mass animal deaths involve some 200 cattle in Wisconsin and millions of cattle in South Korea.

Blackbirds dropping from the sky over a small town inArkansas on New Year’s Eve catapulted this phenomenon onto the national stage here in the United States. Shortly after those birds fell from the sky dead, there came the reports of mass fish deaths in the Arkansas River and the more fish deaths, in the millions, in Maryland.

As we reported this same phenomena occurred in various places around the globe including Italy, Brazil, Australia and in several other parts of the U.S. including Texas, Alabama and California.

Now comes a report of over 200 dead cattle in Stockton, Wisconsin and the potential for what is being called a deadly virus. The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune says the owner of the cattle told sheriff’s deputies that he suspects the cattle all died from IBR; infectious bovinerhinotracheitis or BVD; bovine virus diarrhea.

In South Korea a potential economic collapse and food shortage may be in the offing due to an outbreak of Hoof-and-Mouth disease. 1.4 million cattle and pigs have been slaughtered in South Korea in an attempt to get ahead of the fast spreading, highly contagious and completely devastating disease. That amounts to 8% of the total livestock in that country.

Meat prices throughout the nation are soaring as a result. The outbreak of Hoof-and-Mouth disease in South Korea began back on November 28 and has spread across much of the nation despite massive efforts by the South Korean government to contain the disease.

Quarantines are in effect, and 68,000 soldiers have been called out to assist regional forces involved in the destruction of infected livestock. Losses are expected to reach $1.2 billion dollars. The soaring cost of meat has added to already inflated food prices.

In addition to battling the outbreak of Hoof-and-Mouth disease South Korea was hit by another outbreak of (H5N1) avian flu, or bird flu, at the end of December, 2010. More than 40,000 poultry have been destroyed.

Hoof-and-mouth disease is a horrific, but commonly known occurrence in livestock so while tragic, what it occurring in South Korea doesn’t seem related to the “mysterious” deaths of other animals around the world.

While the cause of death for the birds and fish remains mostly theory officials in all instances are saying there is no need to worry, nothing to see here, go on about your business.

It would make those who lean toward conspiracy theory a little more than giddy however. Some are delving into a deeper meaning for these animal deaths. Some are looking to scripture for signs of the return of Christ. Others still are pointing to the Mayan calendar that ends in 2012 and on, and on.

Are any of these deaths related in any way? Is there more going on than meets the eye? Paranormal?  Supernatural?  What do you think?